Photo Gallery October 9th 2016
Rebecca von Kalinowsky invites Inga Mauer to play Rote Liebe at Goethebunker. Friday, October 7th 2016.
With „Ceres“, Rebecca von Kalinowsky marks her first solo release on Rote Liebe. An athmospheric and bass-heavy offering.
12" Vinyl, hand-painted blacklabel €12.-
MP3, Flac and more €1.25
Various Artists, Erdbeerschnitzel, Rebecca von Kalinowsky & Marquese
MP3, Flac and more € 3.50
Rote Liebe Photo Gallery June 11th 2016.Request your password if you are not signed up.
Rote Liebe Fanzine #1
€ 24.-
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€ 5.-
Erdbeerschnitzel - The Attendants
Vinyl LP € 15.-
Digital € 8.-
The Rote Liebe Book #1
Out of Stock
Marquese - No Matter How Long EP
Out of Stock

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