Januar 26, 2014
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Roland Rocha was born in 1970’s southwest Detroit. He grew up in the mainly Hispanic district of the city, which to this day is dominated by Mexican migrants looking for work in the heavily industrial city. From an early age he was influenced by his musical culture with it’s roots in latin american rhythms and percussion. He was greatly encouraged by his enthusiastic father, also a well known local musician and as a young teenager he pursued his own interest in music and became a well known and respected dj within his own right. It was in the mid eighties that he was so inspired when he heard Jeff Mills spin (at the time he was known as “The Wizard” that he quickly unearthed the new radical and ground breaking sounds of techno. Then by chance, through a mutual friend Ruben Gonzalez, he was introduced to the formidable “Mad” Mike Banks and was promptly (to his delight) asked to become a member of the infamous and enigmatic underground resistance crew. His Release "Jaguar" broke the ice critically, although not Rolando’s first release on UR, it turned the archaic perceptions of techno on their head. It broke through into all other genres of dance music and became a classic in the boxes of many noteworthy dj’s; such as Kevorkian, Garnier, Morillo, Tenaglia - even Oakenfold and Giles Peterson.

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